It’s a complete joke when people call depression selfish,  if you were in that person’s mind I’m sure you wouldn’t be calling it selfish then. 

Nothing kills you like your mind

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Went to take some photos an hour ago ^^

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You are a little soul carrying around a corpse.
Epictetus (via antonsokolov)

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IMG_7581 by dm2165 on Flickr.
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can I just say there are some amazing waterfalls and creeks in Malawi. this one is on the Dzalanyama Forest Reserve, and it is so beautiful there
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on the way back from a rode trip i stopped in ninilchik to look for some abandoned houses and came across this little church on top of a hill, surrounded by a decaying white picket fence. I could hear thunder, and directly on the other side of the church there is a big cliff that drops down to the ocean and i was immediately like “…..dollanganger…..”

fuck, so beautiful
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